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Darius Burst

On January 15th, I went on Youtube and watched Darius Burst video game replays, and it’s one of the best shooting games I’ve seen, because it has great graphics for a two-dimensional shooter, phenomenal music, and challenging gameplay! It was released in December 24, 2009 in Japan, and it can be played on the Playstation Portable.

Like all other Darius games, Darius Burst is about two ships fighting against swarms of bad spacecrafts and fish-like battleships, and then after you fight a huge battleship, you get to move to the next level by choosing either of the two zones you’re allowed to go to. Plus, your ship can fire waves and missiles against enemies. After you completed five levels, you beat the game.

In Darius Burst, you can choose either of the ships called Legend or Next, which are piloted by Ti2 and Riga Practica, respectively. Legend is the ship that fires green waves and four way missiles, while Next is the ship that fires blue waves and forward missiles. You can also fire your Burst laser against enemies and bosses by positioning your Burst pod on the screen, and you can turn your Burst laser by moving your ship if you don’t fire waves and missiles. Personally, I prefer to play as Next, because it fires missiles more consistently than Legend.

In conclusion, Darius Burst is a really great game, but unfortunately, it’s only released in Japan. It’s the best game in the Darius Series.

List of Darius Burst ships:

Legend (Origin is similar, but that doesn’t have burst laser)

Next (it fires missiles forward rather than 4-way)