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Chaos Zakum and The Expiring Pink Bean Chair

When I logged on my Paladin (SuperStarYoo), I fought Chaos Zakum with three of my party members, and we had a really great time fighting against this boss.  This was my first time in GMS that my party members and I have defeated Chaos Zakum, and it only took about 10 minutes.

This was also my first time seeing the dialogue from the Black Mage. Oh, and the good news is that Dark Metamorphosis has finally been fixed since Alliance Unbound patch.

I got my Chaos Zakum Helmet with potential by the second time I pick it up!  Although the potential stats are pretty crappy after I used a magnifying glass, I won’t have to take a risk of scrolling my Chaos Zakum Helmet by using a potential scroll.

About the Pink Bean chair, Nexon claimed that after people completed the Remembering First Love quest for 8 days, they’ll get the permanent Pink Bean chair, but in reality, I got my Pink Bean chair for my Mercedes that expires in next month.  Looks like Nexon lied to people about the “permanent” Pink Bean chair.  I guess I’ll have to wait until Justice patch if I want to buy a true permanent Pink Bean chair.


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