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Level 200 Demon Slayer

At last, I leveled my Demon Slayer (SerperiorLuv) to 200 in Bearwolves, along with my Hero friend (Unionss), who leveled to 200 as well. He and I had a great time leveling together, and our friends celebrited us for leveling to 200.

I know that I’m not the only Demon Slayer who leveled to 200. I’ve seen some Demon Slayers who are already level 200 as well, because leveling is pretty fast `nowadays. But my Demon Slayer is my first level 200 character ever in GMS, and I’m still proud of myself and my Hero friend on leveling to 200.

Believe it or not, Dark Metamorphosis hasn’t been fixed yet. I assume that Nexon will fix Dark Metamorphosis during Justice patch, and that’s when Demon Slayers get nerfed.

Finally, I got Echo of Hero and Vengance Incarnate (Level 200 Demon Slayer medal) without even necessarily completing the quests. Hooray!


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Congratulations on level 200, Denny! You train pretty fast! 🙂

Comment by Omni


Comment by dennyvuquach

hey i have a level 39 demon slayer and im trying to find a good place to train. Can you help me out?

Comment by Raiderofawe

CDs in Kerning Square

Comment by dennyvuquach

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