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Stronghold in Alliance Rising Patch

I train in Stronghold (Official Knight Bs) with my party, and it gives incredible EXP for level 165+ players (Official Knight Bs are level 170).  I especially train there really fast with my Demon Slayer during 3x EXP.  Stronghold is like LHC (Lionheart Castle), but it’s faster, and it’s even faster than glitched LHC! Another thing that’s cool is that right now, the monsters in Stronghold don’t use their skills to attack you, so you’ll have better chance at surviving there!

As for my Demon Slayer, I can’t believe that I leveled that character to level 183, even though Dark Metamorphosis still hasn’t been fixed yet, and I still haven’t maxed Barricade Mastery yet.  Despite of that, looks like my Demon Slayer will be my first level 200 character in Bera!


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hi this is a great site that you’ve, thank you 4 sharing it with us.

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