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Demon Slayer

Recently, I made my Demon Slayer, and I had a really fun time playing it!  (I love all three legend classes!)  Like Cannon Shooters and Mercedes, it has its amazing mobility, damage, and survivability.  The Maple Warrior skill from Demon Slayer looks nice as well!  I leveled my Demon Slayer to 129 in less than two days.

What’s cool about Demon Slayers is that this class doesn’t require you to use MP potions, so you can have more room on your “use” inventory, and the Demon Slash’s upgrades each job advancement don’t require you to put much skill points.

I choose Dark Metamorphosis as my 100% level 30 mastery book, because it’s the most useful skill for Demon Slayers, but unfortunately right now, it’s bugged, because it’s not giving out +35% damage like it supposed to.  Eventually, Nexon will fix that bug.

I also used my Binding Darkness 20 book, and it worked for the first time!  It’s useful for thepassive Ignore Monster’s Defense stat, but I’m not maxing it really soon yet.


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Nice post! Demon Slayer FTW!

Comment by LevelersUp

Thanks! My Demon Slayer is level 163 now.

Comment by dennyvuquach

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