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Support Both Old and New Classes

Personally, I really like all of both old and new classes, because each of them has its own ways to use the skills to attack, manuever, buff, summon, etc.  I’m the guy who never bashes any kind of classes in MapleStory, because people can choose what class do they want to make.

While old classes are still fun to play, I also enjoy playing new classes like Demon Slayer, both Axe and Mace style.  However, I’m not hyped on playing them, because I respect people who continue play old classes as well, as long as they don’t bash any of the classes.

I have my Paladin, my Bishop, my Cannon Master, and my Mercedes as my main characters, but I don’t consider them to be better than all other classes, nor do I consider them to be way more fun.  For example, I played my Cannon Master, and I never said things like “Boo-hoo!  Corsairs suck!  Cannon Masters PWN Corsairs!”   I support both Cannon Masters and Corsairs, as well as all other classes.

You know that I’m not biased in any of the classes at all, because every single class has its advantages and disadvantages, whether if a class is old or now.  If there is the best or most fun class in MapleStory, everyone would be playing that, and if there is the worst or most boring class, no one would be playing that.

Cannon Masters

Here are all of the MapleStory classes that I love

Deimos Warrior Shield (Level 130) for Heroes and Paladins
Deimos Sage Shield (Level 130) for Magicians except Luminous
Extreme Force Shield (Level 120) for Demon Slayers
 for Kaisers


WarriorHero Lionheart Cutlass (Level 140) Lionheart Battle Scimitar (Level 140) Lionheart Champion Axe (Level 140) Lionheart Battle Axe (Level 140)
WarriorPaladin Lionheart Cutlass (Level 140) Lionheart Battle Scimitar (Level 140) Lionheart Battle Hammer (Level 140) Lionheart Battle Maul (Level 140)
WarriorDark Knight Lionheart Fuscina (Level 140) Lionheart Partisan (Level 140)
MagicianF/P Archmage Dragontail Arc Wand (Level 140) Dragontail War Staff (Level 140) Orb of Fire Wand (Level 130) Red Phoenix Staff (Level 163) Deadly Poison Wand (Level 130) Purple Hydra Staff (Level 163)
MagicianI/L Archmage Dragontail Arc Wand (Level 140) Dragontail War Staff (Level 140) Iceberg Wand (Level 130) Blue Turtle Staff (Level 163) Lightning Storm Wand (Level 130) Yellow Tiger Staff (Level 163)
MagicianBishop Dragontail Arc Wand (Level 140) Dragontail War Staff (Level 140)
ArcherBowmaster Falconwing Composite Bow (Level 140) (Ammo: Titanium Arrows for Bow (Level 130))
ArcherMarksman Falconwing Heavy Crossbow (Level 140) (Ammo: Titanium Arrows for Crossbow (Level 130)) 
ThiefNight Lord Ravenhorn Metal Fist (Level 140) (Ammo: Flaming Throwing Star (Level 130))
ThiefShadower Ravenhorn Baselard (Level 140) Halphas Bloody Slayer (Level 130) (along with Dragon Khanjar (Level 120))
DualerBlade Master Ravenhorn Baselard (Level 140) (along with Ravenhorn Katara (Level 140))
PirateBuccaneer Sharktooth Wild Talon (Level 140)
PirateCorsair Sharktooth Shooter (Level 140) (Ammo: Giant Bullet (Level 130) )
Cannon ShooterCannon Master Sharktooth Supernova (Level 140)


Battle MageBattle Mage Dragontail War Staff (Level 140)
Wild HunterWild Hunter Falconwing Heavy Crossbow (Level 140) (Ammo: Titanium Arrows for Crossbow (Level 130))
MechanicMechanic Sharktooth Shooter (Level 140)(along with: Ultimate Soul Bullet (Level 120))
Demon SlayerDemon Slayer Lionheart Champion Axe (Level 140) Lionheart Battle Hammer (Level 140)


AranAran Lionheart Partisan (Level 140)
EvanEvanDragontail Arc Wand (Level 140) Dragontail War Staff (Level 140)
MercedesMercedes Falconwing Grand Dual Bowgun (Level 140) (along with Infinity Magic Arrow (Level 120))
New ClassPhantom Ravenhorn Crimson Cane (Level 140)(along with Deloony Card (Level 120))
LuminousLuminous Dragontail Dual Staff (Level 140)(along with )


KaiserKaiser Lionheart Battle Scimitar (Level 140) Magnus Sword (Level 150)
Angelic BursterAngelic Burster Shark Tooth Soldulinko (Level 140) (along with Green Soul Ring (Level 120))

Demon Slayers

I love all the weapon types too!


WarriorHero – 1H Sword, 2H Sword, 1H Axe, 2H Axe
WarriorPaladin – 1H Sword, 2H Sword, 1H Mace, 2H Mace
WarriorDark Knight – Spear, Polearm
MagicianF/P Archmage – Wand, Staff, Fire Wand, Fire Staff, Poison Wand, Poison Staff
MagicianI/L Archmage – Wand, Staff, Ice Wand, Ice Staff, Lightning Wand, Lightning Staff
MagicianBishop – Normal Wand, Normal Staff
ArcherBowmaster – Bow (Ammo: Arrows for Bow)
ArcherMarksman – Crossbow (Ammo: Arrows for Crossbow)
ThiefNight Lord – Claw (Ammo: Throwing Stars)
ThiefShadower – STR Dagger, LUK Dagger (along with Side Dagger)
DualerBlade Master – STR Dagger (along with Blade)
PirateBuccaneer – Knuckle
PirateCorsair – Gun (Ammo: Bullets)
Cannon ShooterCannon Master – Hand Cannon


Battle MageBattle Mage – Normal Staff
Wild HunterWild HunterCrossbow (Ammo: Arrows for Crossbow)
MechanicMechanic – Gun (along with Magnum Bullet)
Demon SlayerDemon Slayer – 1H Axe, 1H Mace


AranAran – Polearm
EvanEvan – Normal Wand, Normal Staff
MercedesMercedes – Dual Bowgun (along with Magic Arrow)
New ClassPhantom Cane (along with Card) 
LuminousLuminousShining Rod (along with Orb)

Nova :

Ultimate AdventurerKaiser – 2H Sword, Kaiser Sword
Angelic BursterAngelic Burster – Burster (along with Soul Ring)


Secondary Daggers (ex. Dragon Khanjar) can be scrolled by Shield for ATT scrolls.

Warrior and Magician shields can be scrolled by Shield for ATT and Magic Attack scrolls.


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Finally, there is someone in Maple who is not biased on any class. Personally, I think all classes in MapleStory are awesome, whether they are Warriors, Archers, Mages, Thieves, and Pirates!

Comment by SombraMan

Awesome post! While I myself like to play new classes, such as Aran or Mercedes, I never think they are more overpowered than the old classes. I don’t pick classes just because they’re old or new. I pick them, because I find them fun and appealing.

Comment by AckarRed

I ain’t no biased on classes either. I made a bowman then i made a demon slyer. I like em both equally 😀

Comment by Raiderofawe

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