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Recently, I made my Mercedes named Servine1, and I got to say that it’s a very fun and flashy class as well.  It has great mobility, damage per second (DPS), and speed.  I leveled my Mercedes to 136 in only about two days.  Leveling these days had never become that quick.

At level 70, I chose Ancient Warding 30, because it gives +30% damage and +1500 Max HP at max level, and Mercedes need more HP in order to survive and save potions. Then at 4th job, I maxed Ancient Warding.

Eventually, one of my party members was really nice to me by giving the Infinity Magic Arrow with +15% Ignore Monsters Defense (PDrate).

I also got the Royal Elven Tiara by the Hot Time event. It turns out that it already has it’s epic potential stats by itself. I was hoping for +% DEX, but I guess I’ll have to buy Miracle Cubes for it.


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Wow, you train really fast! I’m pretty impressed!

Comment by blackmagic1

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