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Recently, I made my Cannoneer, whose name is MaxSnivy, and I have to say that I enjoyed it alot, because of nice attacking skills, cool-looking weapons, and great mobility. I already maxed Cannon Overload, since I got that free skillbook after level 70.

I only took very few days to get my Cannoneer to 4th job, also known as Cannon Master, because Lionheart Castle and 1.5x EXP coupons make me train pretty fast.  It seems that people these days can level up to 4th job pretty quickly, including myself.  I’m nowhere near the fastest trainer, but I’m pretty satisfied that I leveled my Cannon Master to 141.

Here is the video about me and my Battle Mage friend training in Blood Reindeer. It looks like I’ll be making my Cannon Master as my main class after all!

Later at level 142, after I save 12 of my skill points, I got Cannon Bazooka 30 by just logging on, even if I already got Cannon Overload 30 as well, then I put 12 more skill points on Cannon Bazooka. Next time I get another free skillbook, I’ll get Cannon Barrage for bossing purposes.


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I would love to play as Cannoneer! It’s a very good class in my opinion! Awesome post, Denny!

Comment by QuotientTwo

Thanks! I’m glad that you agree about a Cannoneer being a good class. It’s not a godly class, but it’s pretty good at training and decent at bossing.

Comment by dennyvuquach

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