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Blood Mask from Chaos

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Recently, I trained my Dual Blader from level 1 to 80 in about less than 4 days. It was my first time playing that class, yet I already knew the skill builds of DBs, and training is so easy these days, especially when people get to train in Twisted Jesters.

After I level my DB to 80, I got my Blood Mask from Gaga by participating the Chaos Warrior event, then I get to transfer it into my Bishop.

Unfortunately, I can only transfer it once, so I have to make another Dual Blader to obtain another Blood Mask for my Paladin. Not that it takes that much time, because like I said before, leveling doesn’t take so long these days.

Here are the accessories from Chaos Warrior event:

Blood Mask (from Dual Blader)
Holy Wing Earrings (from any Cygnus class)
Lilin's Ring (from Aran)
Onyx Dragon Glasses (from Evan)
Resistance Ring (from any Resistance class)

All of them have +3 to all stats and +3 weapon and magic attack, but none of them have slots, so they can’t be scrolled or potentialed. Resistance Ring and Lilin’s Ring are not stackable with each other.


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Nice Dualblader

Comment by Ali


Comment by dennyvuquach

can we still get that mask?

Comment by Luc

Sadly, you can’t get that Mask anymore. It’s an event from Chaos patch.

Comment by dennyvuquach

bummer T.T thanks anyway 🙂

Comment by Luc

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