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Recently, I just removed my skill builds in my WordPress website, because people from this link talked bad about my skill builds. Please be helpful next time!

There’s this comment “For the part about Crusaders… I see that the guide suggests level 11 panic. Would it not be beneficial to have maxed panic, especially after Jump where it affects bosses?” I didn’t make a Warrior Skill Build Post Jump! Panic is going to be way more useful on that new big patch!

I respect people who use different builds than me, but saying that other guides are better than mine are being immature rather than helpful. I don’t claim my skill builds as being the best guides in MapleStory. None of those builds are perfect at all.

But even if I have errors, they could have told me what to fix on my skill builds. Instead, they just talked trash at them. Though I learned my lesson that I could’ve posted the reason why I made my skill builds, they could’ve at least ask me why I max one skill over another.

People from Basilmarket are the reason that I won’t post my skill build anymore. Also, please don’t say “Wow, THEY PWNED YOU, NOOB!” That’s being immature rather than being helpful.


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Great point, Denny! Those guys just wasted their time on trolling. Just focus on your build, and don’t listen to those guys!

Comment by mad112

Yeah, I wouldn’t mind them helping me, but they were just trolling.

Comment by dennyvuquach

Hey can you post me the fighter/crusader/hero build please? 🙂

Comment by michael

I’m sorry, but I’m not going to post my Fighter/Crusader/Hero build. But you can just search another build by using Google.

Comment by dennyvuquach

I really enjoyed following it ❤

Comment by michael

why cant i open the waiior skill build

Comment by Kyvy

oh… so panic is left at 11 level purposely? I looked at that skill build and told myself it must be a typo since it says panic is maxed and it’s only at level 11 and MP recovery is at level 20 and it’s not maxed?

Comment by 'Silva Lau

but whatever the case, I am going to max my panic instead of mp recovery anyway. In my opinion, mp recovery is useless 🙂

Comment by 'Silva Lau

P.S. What is Awakening? I’ve never heard of that skill….

Comment by 'Silva Lau

Awakening (aka Hero’s Will) is a skill that cancels all abnormal conditions, like Seduce or Zombify. You can’t dispel Seduce or Zombify if you get to fight bosses like Horntail. Putting one point on that skill isn’t really necessary, but it’s useful if you plan to go fight against Horntail or any boss that casts Seduce on you.

Comment by dennyvuquach

Yeah, Panic is more useful on bossing, and MP Recovery is only useful if you’re poor on buying MP pots. It must have been a mistake when I made a skill build.

Comment by dennyvuquach

What about the people who actually like your skill builds?
Do you have another site where we can find them, or are they just gone forever?

I personally enjoyed using your skill builds, and what people fail to realize is that even if it is a guide, you don’t have to follow it word for word. Hence the name “GUIDE”. Some times i would add points to another skill because i thought it would be more worthwhile to my playing style despite what the guide said. That’s the way i think guides should be used. That’s just my opinion though :/

Comment by Herbaltea


To tell you the truth, I decided not to make anymore skill builds, since there can be plenty of skill builds in other sites, and Jump patch will change the skills for Adventurers anyway.

But you made a very good point that adding points can have your different playing style. Not everybody is going to follow 100% on guides.

Comment by dennyvuquach

This x 10! People should deal with their skill builds rather than telling everyone the same skill builds people should use. Whoever said that all your builds are wrong is an idiot.

Comment by RissiKissi

Awww… Well, your skills builds are awesome to me! You don’t have to listen to that idiot. Ignore him and post it back up. I swear, took me 3 days searching for DK skill build and finally I found yours.

Comment by Botox

The dumbass who stole your skill builds should have asked you a permission to post them on basilmarket. But your skill builds were way better than people in basilmarket think!

Comment by PhantomAce11

Thanks! She should have asked me a permission to borrow my skill builds.

Well, MapleStory has changed the skills anyway, and Advance of the Union is coming up next year.

Comment by dennyvuquach

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