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Blood Mask from Chaos

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My Skill Builds

Recently, I just removed my skill builds in my WordPress website, because people from this link talked bad about my skill builds. Please be helpful next time!

There’s this comment “For the part about Crusaders… I see that the guide suggests level 11 panic. Would it not be beneficial to have maxed panic, especially after Jump where it affects bosses?” I didn’t make a Warrior Skill Build Post Jump! Panic is going to be way more useful on that new big patch!

I respect people who use different builds than me, but saying that other guides are better than mine are being immature rather than helpful. I don’t claim my skill builds as being the best guides in MapleStory. None of those builds are perfect at all.

But even if I have errors, they could have told me what to fix on my skill builds. Instead, they just talked trash at them. Though I learned my lesson that I could’ve posted the reason why I made my skill builds, they could’ve at least ask me why I max one skill over another.

People from Basilmarket are the reason that I won’t post my skill build anymore. Also, please don’t say “Wow, THEY PWNED YOU, NOOB!” That’s being immature rather than being helpful.