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How’s 6th Anniversary Going?

I got to say that in my opinion, this is by far the best Maple anniversary event ever in MapleStory (you can disagree, but please respect my opinion) because I love the level 77 weapons, as well as getting Family Comes First Medal, which adds +4 to all stats and +20 avoidability, by just logging on 14 days, though I still prefer Time Traveler Medal, because it adds 10 weapon and magic attack.

It’s way better than last year’s Maple anniversary event, because last year was a pain in a butt by the Cake vs. Pie event, and people hardly obtain Maple weapons as much as this year. This year also has the Cake vs. Pie event, but at least people won’t have to move to Henesys, Orbis, Leafre, or Magatia and wait there too long.

People can get Golden Maple Leaves easily and turn in them to Aramia. I got the Maple Tree Chair for my Bishop the first time I turned in my Golden Maple Leaf to Aramia. I already got my Maple Tree Chair on my Paladin as well.

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