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Wind Archer – Big Bang

Recently, I trained my Wind Archer to level 110 (level 111 now), and I had a fun time leveling it. I took less than two weeks training from level 20 to 110 on Big Bang, seeing how leveling up to 4th job is so easy nowadays, even if Nexon took off 2x exp card and made family buffs from 2x to 1.2x.

Note: If you use Firefox, right click on the image, then click “View Image”.

You can see that I showed my high damage with my maxed Wind Piercing, not only that I always put points on DEX and I used my Warrior Elixir, but Big Bang also buffed Wind Archers greatly, and I maxed Bow Expert on level 110, since I saved my skill points before I get Bow Expert. Also, attack potions/buff and Eagle Eye are stackable for my attack range, so no wonder I did like 100k critical damage by Wind Piercing, even on level 110. Of course I’m not the strongest Wind Archer in MapleStory, but I’m proud of my damage.

Bigfoot is now easy to fight, because to me, he only does like 1.5k damage on me, and I can attack him quickly with Hurricane. I fought like 10 Bigfeet, then I finally got my Bigfoot’s toe to get my Silver Deputy Star, though the price of it is cheap now, because Big Bang nerfed Bigfoot. I would have lost my EXP if Big Bang keeps Bigfoot as a strong boss.

Eventually, I’m going to level my Wind Archer to 120, because when the Ultimate Adventurer patch comes out, I’ll have my level 24 Blessing of Empress passive skill for both my Paladin and my Bishop, which adds 24 weapon attack and magic attack.


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Happy New Year! Very good damage by the way!

Comment by sweetseb1

Thanks! Happy new year to you too!

Comment by dennyvuquach

where do you train? i have a lvl 100 wind archer and im currently training at mp3.. :/

Comment by chiyu

Keep training at MP3 until level 103. When I was level 103, I trained at Pirates in Herb Town, even though I missed at them until level 105. They are a great choice to train by casting Arrow Rain at them.

Comment by dennyvuquach

oh ok thanks.. just wondering, whats ur base str?

Comment by chiyu

My base STR is 4. I use my Fast(5) level 67 bow, and I can’t afford enough money for good level 100+ bow that I want to buy.

Comment by dennyvuquach

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