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How’s Big Bang?

I got to say that I’m satisfied with Big Bang, even though it took away 2x card, which pissed people off, including me. When I started playing Big Bang, I was trying to put points on the new skills on both of my Paladin and my Bishop, but I didn’t get to have SP resets yet, so I was hoping that I get SP resets on both of my Paladin and my Bishop, so I can put points on Divine Shield on my Paladin and Magic Mastery on my Bishop.

Note: If you use Firefox, right click on the image, then click “View Image”.

Before I get SP resets, I put points on Rush and Heaven’s Hammer, because they helped me train fast on Chief Oblivion Guardians before Big Bang.

After I get SP resets, I maxed Blast and Divine Shield, because both of them are priority skills.

I also maxed Magic (aka Buff) Mastery and Infinity on my Bishop.

You can also make Advanced Monster Crystals 3 by using Zombies’ Lost Teeth, and Coolie Zombies were used to be level 57 before Big Bang, but now, they are level 132!

In conclusion, Big Bang in GMS isn’t as good as KMS, because people don’t get SP resets right after it’s released, but at least people still get them if they’re patient enough, and I’m happy for both of my Paladin and my Bishop that they get buffed.
My Bishop After Big BangClick here for more free videos
Paladin After Big BangMore amazing video clips are a click away

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