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Accuracy Was Different Before Big Bang

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Few days ago, I trained at Chief Oblivion Guardians with my level 129 Paladin, and those monsters were level 131 before Big Bang. I trained so fast on them, because they were now weak to Ice after the old Balance Patch. I hardly miss at them, assuming that I had some good accuracy equipments when I was lower level than those monsters, and I have always been DEXless.

I don't miss on them! =]
I don't miss on them! =]

The accuracy formula before Big Bang was:

(55.2+(2.15*D)) * (A/15) = Your Accuracy Needed to Not Miss at the Monster

A stands for monsters’ avoidability. D stands how much you are below the monsters level. If you’re at or above the monster’s level, D would be zero.

For example, Chief Oblivion Guardians before Big Bang had 47 avoidability, meaning that I needed to have about 173 accuracy to hit them at a 100% rate when I was at or above their level.

(55.2+(2.15*0)) * (47/15) = 172.96 Accuracy Needed

However, when I was level 129, I needed to have about 187 accuracy to hit them at a 100% rate. Luckily, I had 196 accuracy, so I didn’t miss at all.

(55.2+(2.15*2)) * (47/15) = 186.43 Accuracy Needed

In Big Bang, accuracy will be less important, but at least accuracy will still be useful if you want to fight Pink Bean, or you’re a little bit below monster’s level.

The accuracy formula on Big Bang will be:

[Sqrt.[A] + (5 x D)] to the power of 2 = Your Accuracy That You Need to Not Miss at the Monster

Sqrt. stands for square root, and pwr. stands for to the power. For example, if I want to hit Chief Oblivion Guardians in Big Bang, they will be level 166, and they will have 225 avoidability. Say if I’ll be level 166 as well.

[Sqrt.[225] + (5 x 0)]pwr.2 = My Accuracy That I Need
[15 + 0]pwr.2 = 225 Accuracy Needed

Now say if I’m only going to be level 164, which will be 2 levels below Chief Oblivion Guardians.

[Sqrt.[225] + (5 x 2)]pwr.2 = My Accuracy That I Need
[15 + 10]pwr.2 = 525 Accuracy Needed

As you can see, you will need alot more accuracy if you’re just few levels below the monster, but if you’ll be at or above the monsters level, you won’t need much accuracy at all! It seems that the hit rate formula will be based on levels on Big Bang, and you’ll just need at least 225 accuracy total for endgame accuracy.

Update in 12-28-10: I think in GMS, accuracy is PURELY based on level, so the formula above doesn’t work in GMS.


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