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Another Nice Guy Gave Me Something

Recently, after I first succeeded on my 118 atk Dragon Mace with an 80% enhancement scroll, I blew up that mace with an another enhancement scroll. I wanted to get the one-handed mace that has at least 120 atk, as I didn’t have enough money to buy Crushed Skull. I felt shocked badly.

Note: If you use Firefox, right click on the image, then click “View Image”.

Eventually, one of my new friends named Jason gave me a free very good Battle Hammer, and I said “Thank you very much! You’re the best!” He’s one of my guild alliance buddies.

Before he gave me the Battle Hammer, he knew that I got broke, as I needed something to get a decent weapon or something. I still have my 115 atk and 6 STR Last Unwelcome 1H Blunt Weapon, but I wanted at least 5 weapon attack more, and I don’t want to risk blowing my mace again using more enhancement scrolls.

As a bonus, I showed my instant kill damage on an Oblivion Monk Trainee, because I still have my Explorer’s Critical Ring. This can help myself level fast on Oblivion monsters.


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