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Level 60 Alien PQ

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I went to level 60 Alien PQ with a level 71 Blade Lord, and I got to say that level 30 and 60 Alien PQs were very easy for me, especially with an archmage, a bishop, or a blade master with any of the spammable ultimates.

Sometimes, I get to solo the rooms by casting Genesis for mobbing and Angel’s Ray for bossing. My damage isn’t that great for my level, because I’m not that funded. However, I planned to get the Last Unwelcome Guest Staff or Wand, which are the level 107 LUKless weapons, so I won’t have to use my Maple Wisdom Staff all the time.

But at the end of the PQ, I got the Last Unwelcome Guest Earrings, which I didn’t meant to get, because I got my 3% INT clean Rose Earrings, which provides better INT stats for me.

As for level 120 Alien PQ, I had a very hard time completing it, because it’s extremely difficult, and Bishops don’t help that much on that party quest. It’s where people can obtain the level 127 statless weapons, so you can look at “Amazing Statless Weapons” on the “Weapons” section on the left to see the list of VIP weapons.

The good news for Marksmen and Wild Hunters is that the VIP Crossbow is fixed, so it now has a good weapon attack, even for a level 127 crossbow.

I split my Alien PQ video into three, because YouTube doesn’t allow me to upload a video more than ten minutes.

As a bonus, one of my guildmates had passed the 199,999 damage cap by using Owl Spirit, as Big Bang hasn’t been out yet on that time. After that, MapleStory will cap at 999,999 damage on that big patch.


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