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Hunting Iruvatas When I Was Bored

Note: If you use Firefox, right click on the image, then click “View Image”.

I was in Neo City, Bombed City Center. As you already know what Neo City is, I hunted level 79 Iruvatas, which are the poor-man’s versions of Neo Tokyo’s Iruvatas. Each time I get to kill an Iruvata only requires myself to use one Angel’s Ray, along with Bahamut. Their damage in Neo City isn’t that great either, but eventually, Big Bang will buff those androids back.

I haven’t found one of the Iruvata Boosters yet, but I found one Chaos Scroll, and again, I was like “Oh my god! I found a Chaos Scroll!” Before I went to Bombed City Center, I sold two previous Chaos Scrolls to my friend in the guild AngelsOfLove, but now, I have another Chaos Scroll! It’s actually my first time hunting Iruvatas, just to get items, so maybe if I hunt them for a long time, I can get more Chaos Scrolls.


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