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Heavenly Kataras Were So Common

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In the Dual Blade patch, most of the monsters in GMS were giving the permanent 10x drop for equipments, and Heavenly Kataras (aka Cheonmus) were no exception. At evening, when I hunted Harps in Leafre with my Bishop, I founded over 15 Kataras in just about 30 minutes with Dual Blade 2x Drop buff, thanks to permanent 10x equip drop since the Dual Blade patch in GMS. I was stunned how common Kataras drop just right after the Dual Blade patch, especially from Harps.

Heavenly Kataras were almost as common as dropping wild boar leathers from Wild Boars when you use the Dual Blade 2x Drop buff. I only kept one Heavenly Katara with some potential stats.

It is not recommended to use those Kataras as end-game weapons, because any weapon that is less than level 71 doesn’t benefit well for potential stats, and they are level 70. The weapon has to be at least level 71 for potential scrolls giving better stats.

Also, GMS changed these Katara names. You already know that GMS changed from Blade to Katara.

Standard Kataras:

Yongyeon = Dragon Katara (Level 105, Durability)
Iron Blade = Champion Katara (Level 20)
Jicheon = Guardian Katara (Level 30)
Uicheon = Justice Katara (Level 40)
Paewang = Majestic Katara (Level 50)
Ahsyukelron = Ascalon Katara (Level 60)
Cheonmu = Heavenly Katara (Level 70)
Longhua = Blazing Dragon Katara (Level 80)
Manhyeoldo = Bloodsoaked Katara (Level 90)
Meteor Shard = Meteor Katara (Level 100)
Dragon Cheongwoldo = Moonshadow Katara (Level 110)
Reverse Kosyeon = Reverse Katara (Level 120)

Ultimate Visiting Kataras (not from KMS, but they’re DEXless):

1st Unwelcome Guest Blade (Level 47)
2nd Unwelcome Guest Blade (Level 67)
3nd Unwelcome Guest Blade (Level 87)
Last Unwelcome Guest Blade (Level 107)
VIP Blade (Level 127, 68 weapon attack!)

More DEXless Kataras:

Cash Shop Blade One = Snowy Earth Katara (Level 20)
Cash Shop Blade Two = Luminous Earth Katara (Level 50)
Maple Blade = Maple Katara (Level 35)
Maple Duke = Maple Duke Katara (Level 43)
Maple Keuritteu = Maple Cleat Katara (Level 64)
Maple Payirop Blade = Maple Pyrope Katara (Level 77)

Job Names:

Semi-Dualer = Blade Recruit (Level 20)
Dualer = Blade Acolyte (Level 30, 2nd Job)
Dual Master = Blade Specialist (Level 55)
Slasher = Blade Lord (Level 70, 3rd Job)
Dual Blader = Blade Master (Level 120, 4th job)


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