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I Love Very Kind People

Few times, people gave me some stuff for free, and I thank them so much for being very kind and genuine. They’re mostly my buddy and guild list friends, so it’s not that much of a surprise. After they gave me some stuff I wanted, I said “Thank you so much” and typed a heart sign like less than 3 (<3). Here are the screenshots of people giving me stuff.

Note: If you use Firefox, right click on the image, then click “View Image”.

BlazeAfroman, aka Craig, gave me a 2x EXP card, which is worth 2k NX, and I get to train Galloperas with him! The screenshot was posted in May 18th, 2010.

Oh Craig, you're awesome!

ChrisicX, aka Chris, defeated a Bigfoot in Twisted Paths and let me loot a Bigfoot Toe on my Aran without charging mesos. The screenshot was posted in June 13th, 2010.

Chris, you did really wonderful!

UrMyCookie, aka Lexy, using GimmeBerry as Aran, also gave me a 2x EXP card without charging either! I trained from 121 to 127 in like just a day on Skelegons! She also charges lower NX fees when I want to buy NX from her. She’s amazing at almost every way. =]

I love you as always, Lexy!

Personally, I felt that they deserve some gifts too, because how nice those three people were!


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