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Scrolling Overview

As you already know, scrolling is necessary to make your equipments stronger. However, you also need scrolls in order to use better equipments and surviving without having to waste AP stats, including hit points. There are many kinds of scrolls you can get for particular weapons, armors, and accesories. There are some useful scrolls, and some useless scrolls.

Top Five Special Equips For Scrolling:

Black UmbrellaBlack Umbrella – Scroll for One-Handed Sword for Magic Att.
Dragon KhanjarDragon Khanjar – Scroll for Shield for ATT
Flamekeeper CordonFlamekeeper Cordon – Scroll for Gloves for Magic Att.
Stormcaster GlovesStormcaster Gloves – Scroll for Gloves for ATT
FacestompersFacestompers – Chaos Scroll

There are also potential scrolls and enhancement scrolls, and you can use them on any equips. Potential scrolls are very useful for good-scrolled equips if you’re lucky enough not to fail on scrolling, so you can obtain the potential % stats, such as %INT for mages, %LUK for thieves, and so on. The best part about potential scrolls is that once you have bad potential stats, you can buy Miracle Cubes to reset the stats.

Enhancement scrolls are recommended on weapons for more weapon/magic attack, but they can also add some of more stats on armors as well. Please note that it is not recommended to use enhancement scrolls on an ALL FAILED scrolling items and having no upgrades available. For example, all three Eye Accessory scrolls failed on Broken Glasses, and after you succeed an enhancement scroll, it doesn’t gain any stat at all!